Italian Law Firm, speaking English

A full service Italian law firm based in Napoli, with English speaking lawyers, providing legal services to foreign individuals and businesses in matters concerning Italian law. We provide advice and consult to foreigners living in Italy, travelers and to those who have business in Italy.

Our approach with the client:

The customer now, more than a time, wants to participate and understand, wants to share the choices with his own lawyer and wants to have the situation in hand. 

For the Armano law firm it is very important to communicate with the client who is committed to his own interest in providing all the information in his possession to allow consultants to deal with the case at best. 

That’s why before accepting an assignment we listen to the client trying to understand what he needs. 

Then, we discuss with him pointing out with technical language, but clear about the way we intend to proceed, the defensive strategy that we intend to adopt to better satisfy his interests. Not only that, we always try to highlight what difficulties may arise during the course of the case.

We offer our capacity to

  •  Listen
  • Understand
  • Communicate clearly
  • To advise


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