Our office will clarify the juridical, city planning and taxation status of the property, so enabling the buyer to carry out an informed purchase.

 CAPRI immobili

Our law firm will provide assistance  in the presales phase by:

  • Acquiring information from public registers (Real Estate Registry, Land Registry);
  • Verifying the absence of prejudicial registrations (mortgages, foreclosures, easements);
  • Verifying the regularity and urban end-use;
  • Clarifying , in case of condominiums , the presence of any debts or problems.

Throughout the conveyancing process we will support our customer as follows:

During the sale

  • Assisting in drawing up a detailed Deed of Sale;
  • Providing advisory services for the stipulation of  loan agreements with the banks;
  • Clarifyng fiscal aspects and resulting taxes related to the Deed of Sale;
  • Drafting the Deed in the presence of a notary.

After the purchase:

  • Assisting in the transcription of  the Deed of Sale into the land register;
  • Suggesting the best solutions to maximize your return on the investment;
  • Helping in the finalizing of contracts with third parties ;
  • Supporting in any legal action (latent defect, eviction, condominium actions, damages, easement, property division, inheritance, etc.).


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