Our Law Firm, provides assistance in the preliminary phase of a business purchase, (e.g. hotels, restaurants, service or manufacturing companies).

We can also provide support to anyone who is interested in starting a business in Italy.


For those who want to buy an existing business, we can:

  • Gather information from public records (Chamber of commerce perusals), also checking the consistency of the share capital and providing an updated situation of any bankruptcy proceedings, transfers, mergers or divisions;
  • Check the balance sheet and financial status of a company;

  • Verify the presence of debts towards the State and the tax situation;

  • Streamline the negotiation.

For those who want to start a new business, we can:

  • Inform the customers about the necessary documentation;
  • Draw up the required documents and liaise with the competent authorities;

  • Draft the needed contracts (establishment of the company, registration for VAT, lease contracts, Chamber of Commerce registration, etc.);
  • Provide accounting and tax consulting.

For those who are already running a business, we can:

  • Stipulate contracts with suppliers and customers (in the internet field also) ;
  • Legal proceedings (damage compensation, debt collection, Trademark Law, Internet Law, loss of chance, Tax Law, etc. ).;
  • Provide support on the preparation of share transfer, purchase, merger, demerger and incorporation agreements, etc ;
  • Provide advisory services for the stipulation of  loan agreements with the banks;
  • Clarify fiscal aspects and the resulting taxes;
  • Offer tax consulting.

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